Greenhood Coöperatie U.A.

About this App

Greenhood Coöperatie U.A. is a cooperative with members and is located in Amsterdam. We want to stimulate local and renewable projects with the Greenhood Wallet, like solar panels, heat pumps, shared electric transport and a local currency. We use this open source licensed software wallet to support these projects.


Greenhood Wallet is a secure Ethereum wallet whereby you can send and receive Ether and other Ethereum Coins. With the Greenhood Wallet you manage your own private key and customize the user interface. It supports several Ethereum chains for the optimal Ethereum experience.


This is the first version of the Greenhood wallet and we start with support of Ether and DAI. In the future we will support all ERC20 tokens on Ethereum. A user can send and receive coins by filling in an amount and the Ethereum address of the receiver. The Ethereum address can also be obtained by scanning the QR code of the other user. There is an overview of all the incoming and outgoing transactions.

The greenhood wallet

The greenhood wallet is about customizing the user interface

The greenhood wallet is about customizing the user interface to have the optimal user experience. A key feature to accomplish this is that a user has the option to rename the DAI to a self given name. With his feature the DAI can be renamed to a local regional currency, drink coupons for a party or give it the name of your own community.

In this first beta version this functionality is hard coded with a toggle between DAI and KRM on the payment screen. In a future version this will be more dynamic.

The Greenhood Wallet supports multiple Ethereum blockchains, at the moment we start with Ethereum Optimism and Ethereum Optimism Kovan (testnet). In the near future we will add Ethereum Main chain and Gnosis Chain.

The Greenhood wallet uses API service of Infura to send transactions and get price information.

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